A very exotic sounding name and this foretaste can be trusted for once.

Born where the sun rises, actually in Baghdad, as son of the famous sculptor and state artist Khalid Al-Rahal and Elfriede Sommerlechner.

His father’s works of art shape the cityscape of Baghdad.
More information about Khalid Al-Rahal can be found here

The first three years of his life he grew up in Baghdad. Then his family moved to Vienna, where Karim finally grew up and remained to this day.

Today he owns a wonderful apartment with a studio in the 22nd district, where he works in the midst of a pleasant home atmosphere and artistic-creative “confusion” of paint tubes and canvases, finished and unfinished pictures.

He began painting at an early age. He belongs to the group of human children who were born with art and creativity.

Karim is spontaneous, uncomplicated and cosmopolitan and despite his ability he is “normal” – or maybe because of that.

He likes to swing his dancing leg to salsa sounds that express his joie de vivre and cheerfulness.

To compensate, he enjoys the peace in his little house in the green, where he also creates his wood and metal sculptures and gives them form and shape.

He’s doing his thing. He paints whether he likes it or not – that’s his passion, that’s his life. He paints. And … it pleases!

He has (s)a very own style. Playfulness, variety and colourfulness, fine lines, patterns, fragile forms and “royal materials”…Simply impressive the self-design of his works.

So, and now it’s time to take a look at the beautiful pictures, which – in confidence – are only a fraction of what was ever created by Karim’s painting hands!

Have fun and let the sun shine …