Khalid Al-Rahal one of Iraq’s most important 21st century state artists was born in Baghdad in 1926. He studied at the Fine Art Institute in Baghdad and graduated in sculpture in 1947.
His studies abroad from 1951 – 1957 at the Akademia die Belle Art in Rome had a lasting influence on his future life, because there he met his partner Elfriede Sommerlerchner, with whom he had 2 sons:

Antonio and Karim Al-Rahal.

From 1960-1973 Khalid worked and lived in his own studio in Rome, where he also received a diploma in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1964.
His works have been presented in numerous exhibitions in Baghdad and in some European capitals.
As professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad, he won all tenders, his most significant being the construction of the “monument of the unknown soldier” in Baghdad in 1971.
Other well known monuments, statues and monuments like “The hands of victory” were also constructed and erected by him.

Khalid Al-Rahal died in Baghdad in 1986.

His works